B5 Some Mac Operations Windows Can't Do

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  • This page attempts to show some of the features of the Mac, that for whatever reason, the Windows operating system does not as easily do.
A. Some Operations Macs Seem To Do Better Than Windows
  1. Drag Web Page Images (jpeg, gif) to Desktop.
    (If simple drag does not work, use special Safari procedure in Para 3 on Page 'B4 Mac Tips & Links'.) Windows does this also.

  2. Screen Capture to desktop file:
    Shift+Apple+4, appears as Picture 1.png.
    more details on page B4

  3. Screen Capture to Clipboard:
    Shift+Apple+4 while holding Control key (Edit -> Show Clipboard to view what you captured).  more details on page B4

  4. PDF - Print any file to PDF:
    Use print menu, Select 'PDF' -> 'Save as PDF'.

  5. Hide Unused Windows:
    Hide all the unused applications and their associated windows - with one command -- Apple+Option+click app's icon in dock

  6. Minimize (or maximize) a window slow motion:
    - hold down Shift key & click yellow button

  7. Talk:
    Highlight in TextEdit, select Edit -> Speech -> Start Speaking.

    B. Other Operations

  8. Toolbar at top of finder window is customizable":
    'View' -> Customize Toolbar

  9. Sidebar at left side of finder window:
    Drag file or folder icons into sidebar to have a quick "path" to them.
    Drag the icon out of the window to get rid of it when no longer needed.

    C. Special Cautions

  10. Unmounting: (different than Windows)
    IMPORTANT: All external hard drives, thumb drives, etc; must be "unmounted" by using the 'Eject' arrow in the sidebar (or 'File' -> 'Eject' from the menus); or data or hardware can be damaged.

    D. Tutorials

  11. Video Tutorials:
    If you go to www.apple.com/mac -- down at the bottom there are links to apple.com/findouthow/mac -- where there are links to many video tutorials (Anatomy of a Mac", "Windows on a Mac",iMovie, etc).
    Note these are for latest OS 10.5, so if you have an earlier version OS, things may be a bit different.

  12. Switching From Windows:
    For those used to Windows, note the area 'apple.com/support/switch101' is written for people used to Windows.
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