B4 Screen Captures

This page shows a few "tips" recorded from Cpamu emails and other sources by Jame Ingram. Any member desiring to have their own "Tips" page on this blog, or linked from your own web page, please contact the webmaster, using link at bottom of page.
  1. ----- Capturing Photos
    From A Web Page

  2. Method a: Most photos, you can just drag from the web browser to the desktop.

  3. Method b: In Safari, you can use the 'Apple+option+A' command to display all images for a particular web page.
    (From the menu, it's 'Window' -> 'Activity'.)

    ----- Screen Captures -----

  4. Method c: Apple's built-in 'Shift+apple+4' command allows you to capture any part of the screen to a '.png' file. (Using the Control key sends it to the clipboard instead of a file.) More details on the Cpamu Screen Capture page. However it doesn't seem to work when using the DVD player.

    There are images showing this on the Original Screen Captures page.

  5. Method d: Apple's built-in 'Grab' utility seems to work similarly to the screen capture function, except it saves the capture to a .tiff file.

  6. Method e: Ambrosia Software's Snapz Pro X (approx $30 for non-video version, $69 for full-version that captures moving video). The cheaper version will capture still shots from a paused DVD player.