B3 Mac Repairs & Consulting

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  1. Hunlock Creek, individual: DeFranco-Brent, LakesideGraphix.com .
    "I am an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator.. so I am certified on OS X client and server software. I also can do repairs... but never took my certification test... just did the course. I can install ram, hard drives and trouble shoot the other problems (always rare) that Apple hardware may have." (1/11/2008)
    (Note: Hunlock Creek is located between Berwick & Wilkes-Barre, a few miles west of Rt 11.)

  2. Selinsgrove, store: Leading Electronics, 570.374.5080.
    Authorized Apple Dealer & Repair center.
    107 N US Highway 15, Selinsgrove, PA 17701.
    Apple Certified Technician & owner Mike Derr. (1/11/2008)

  3. Roaring Branch, individual consultant: Hoppes-Matt, 570.324-5575 evenings.
    Software consulting, no hardware repair. Also works with Windows
    , but detests Vista.
    [Background: former Chilitech administrator, switched from Windows to Mac, supported both at work.] (added 1/2/2008, revised 4/8/2009)

  4. Williamsport, store: Chilitech, 570.323.2166, Chilitech.net, 210 Market St, Ste C; Williamsport, PA 17701.
    At 8:16 AM -0500 1/9/08, Matt wrote:
    "ChiliTech will do Apple repairs like memory swaps/upgrades, hard drive replacements/upgrades, etc. We can not do any warranty work."
    Mac technician is ??? Jesse.

  5. Williamsport, store: Leading Electronics, 570.323.5095, LeadingElectronics.com , 673 E 3rd St. Williamsport, PA 17701.
    Authorized Apple Dealer & Repair center.
    Owner Bryce Derr,
    Apple Certified Technician Steve Payne, “Out of Warranty” Mac technician & Cpamu contributor Dale Reeder . (1/11/2008)
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