B6 Using Macs & PCs

Ingram's Observations: Here's my 2 cents worth of opinions, of why for me, it seems easier to get my tasks done on my Mac PowerBook, versus using my Compaq laptop with Windows XP:

  1. Finding Files - The Mac seems much easier to find things on the hard drive.
  2. Hide Unused Windows - I can hide all the unused applications and their associated windows, with one command.
  3. Screen Captures - Screen captures are built into the basic operating system.
  4. PDF - The ability to create pdf files of almost any document, is built into the basic operating system.
  5. Web Browsing - There's less pop-ups and other weird stuff when using web browsers.
  6. Interruptions From Updates - The Mac let's me decide when to download updates. The Compaq seems to do it every time I wake it up.
  7. Virus's - Supposedly much less virus's for Macs, and operating system supposedly is more secure.
  8. Windows when necessary - Since about 2005 the Macs have the same Intel processors as Windows computers, so they can actually run Windows XP (or Vista) when desired (the Windows OS must be purchased at extra cost).